The Downward Spiral

A downward spiral is different from depression or a nervous breakdown. A downward spiral will lead to depression if not addressed.

There are three major indicators of a downward spiral. You may feel WORTH-LESS than you did before; not necessarily worthless but just worth or valued less than you once did. Secondly you feel HOSTILE or angry about it. And the worst of the three, HOPELESSNESS. It's the perfect storm of all three that begin the descent into a downward spiral.

People may refer to this life challenge as "being stuck". So the question is, how do we get ourselves out of this downward spiral?

The key is to reverse the negative thought patterns to positive feelings of being WORTH MORE, LESS HOSTILE and MORE HOPEFUL. If we're going to replace the picture of your future what might that look like? It can be a great leap to go from your current reality to visualizing the positive replacement picture, so it's important to have people around you who can offer encouragement and support. Actively focusing on the feelings of being worth more, happy and hopeful over and over again will move you in the direction of getting un-stuck.

Action will generate energy, then energy more action.

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