The Importance of Sports Physicals

If you have kids, you probably know how beneficial sports can be for improving life skills such as team work, conflict resolution and time management. However, sports are not without physical risks and it's important that your child receives a pre-participation sports physical before beginning practice. These physicals are intended not only to determine whether your child is healthy enough to participate in sports, but also to minimize the risk of sports-related injuries and identify any high-risk conditions that might affect your child's ability to play.

During a sports physical, your doctor should check for the following:

Identify any potential life threatening conditions such as risk of sudden cardiac death.
Check the athlete for any pre-existing conditions that may need treatment.
Identify any orthopedic concerns.
Identify the athlete's level of physical maturity and current fitness level.

Doctors will also check on the status of immunizations and overall health history during sports physicals.

It's recommended your child partake in a pre-participation physical about six weeks before the start of the sports season. This gives enough time to rehabilitate an injury, if one exists, or improve conditioning prior to the start of practice.

Call 503-256-4000 to find a physician in your neighborhood offering sports physicals. The in-clinic cost will be $35.