The princess served tacos

"Besides being a barbaric practice, cockfighting jeopardizes public health and safety and facilitates the commission of other criminal acts," U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall said at the time of the arrests.

And looking at what was seized - drugs, guns - would seem to back that up.

It's a pretty big fall for the princess who was born in Switzerland and has always been one of the more low-key members of the royal family.

Not a lot is known about her, though there have been a few reports. One of her sisters said she grew up an animal lover. We know that her marriage in Reno to John Walker was her second trip down the aisle and that supposedly her parents were not thrilled with the marriage but decided since he made her happy, they wouldn't object.

One thing that's clear from court records is that to catch Walker and her husband, law enforcement used a couple of characters who would register on the high-end of the unsavory-o-meter.

There's the first confidential informant (or CI-1 in court document parlance).

He has two felony convictions for controlled substance violations, one felony conviction for burglary, a misdemeanor conviction for malicious mischief and one for driving with a suspended license. He seems to have made a living selling coke from 1999-2009.

Why is he helping out in this case?

Court documents state that he "is doing so for monetary gain and immigration consideration."

Oh, did I forget to mention CI-1'S four immigration violations? My bad.

And what about the second confidential informant or CI-2?

Well, he has two felony convictions for driving violations and two misdemeanor driving convictions. And while he was deported in 1983 he made it back to the United States and is now a permanent resident. For real.

It shows a certain amount of ambition.

CI-2 is helping out for "monetary gain and prosecutorial consideration."

What does he need consideration for? I would say that's his arrest last December on felony traffic charges. He currently faces a slew of charges including the driving violations, possession and distribution of controlled substances.

He was also arrested this past July.

The two of them attended the cockfighting events, armed with audio and video recording equipment.

My favorite tidbit from the court documents is of Princess Irina working the concession stands, selling beer and tacos.

That's just one ray of sick sunshine in documents that describe an organized ring that raised roosters expressly to fight, surgically altering them, force-feeding them vitamins and other drugs.

The roosters then would be outfitted with blades and put in a cage to fight.

"The fight is ended when one rooster is dead or refuses to continue to fight," according to the indictment. "If not killed during the fight, the losing rooster is almost always killed right after the fight."

Roosters may not be as cute as - let's say dogs- but the outrage should be no less than what greeted Michael Vick.

It's extremely unlikely that Princess Irina has ever heard of Daniel O'Connell, the Democratic Party boss who kind of ran Albany, New York for decades.

O'Connell once declared that cockfighting is the greatest sport because it is the one that can't be fixed.

When she walks out of jail on Friday she will have to consider that while O'Connell may have been right about that, it also guaranteed that there was always a loser.

And in this case, it appears to be the princess.