Three reasons why December is the best month for job hunting

If you read my last column, we talked about the three top reasons why December was the best time to get a job.

Here is a high-level step-by-step guide I have given my clients to focus on for this month:

Maximize job-boards. SimplyHired, Indeed and Craigslist have great openings right now. Find jobs and companies that are aligned with your values, interests, and qualifications. Before applying online, take a look at LinkedIn and see who you might know at the company that can help you.

Master your social media search skills. Even if you aren't tweeting about what you ate, checking in to Foursquare at your favorite pub, or checking out the new Timeline feature in Facebook, it doesn't mean you can't use these tools to search for word-of-mouth job openings or meet recruiters online.

Tools such as Twitter's advanced search allow you to find job openings the minute they're posted. Every time I teach a Twitter class for job hunting, I reach out to a random recruiter asking about a job opening to show the class how it works. Without fail, each recruiter has actually responded back asking for my resume! Here is an actual dialog that just happened the other day:

Recruiter pjbConnects wrote:
Interactive Project Manager - Downtown Seattle in Seattle, WA #job

For fun - in my class - I wrote:
@pjbConnects The Interactive Project Manager position looks interesting. Who is the recruiter working on this role?

She wrote back:
@ProLango - feel free to send resume to me for review: Thanks and looking forward to CONNECTing!
That's it. That's all I had to do. You could do that right?

Leverage groups and associations. The Seattle Networking Guide is one of the most comprehensive lists of associations and professional groups in the Puget Sound. Take a look at the categories and pick the groups that look interesting or relevant to you.
For example I picked the Washington State Bar Association, found their external career page, and saw all these openings with contact information (name, email, phone) of recruiters and company representatives. That's gold!

If you have questions or comments, leave them below and I'll respond and see how I can help you.
Happy holidays!