Tualatin man in custody after dog is killed with a hatchet

TUALATIN, Ore. - A Tualatin man was arrested for allegedly using a hatchet to kill his 13-year-old dog.

Police picked up 43-year-old Leroy Jacob Moffitt on Thursday.

Moffitt admitted to officers that he killed the dog. Neighbors said they believe this was his way of dealing with an aging pet but the manner in which the dog was put down has upset folks.

"When you euthanize an animal, you give them a shot and they just go to sleep, painlessly," said Danette Hughes, who saw the mutilated dog. "But when you kill an animal with a hatchet, there's got to be pain involved. You can't say there isn't."

Police say you should go to a veterinarian or shelter if you believe your pet needs to be euthanized.

Moffitt is facing a first-degree aggravated animal abuse charge, which is a felony.