Two toddlers injured after fall from second floor window

PORTLAND, Ore. - Two toddlers were taken to a hospital after they fell out of a second floor window at a North Portland apartment Wednesday afternoon.

Portland Fire spokesman Rich Chatman said two girls, ages two and three, fell out the window. It happened at around 1:20 p.m. at 8913 North Newell Avenue.

A woman who was home with the girls is the mother of one and the grandmother of the other, Chatman said.

Both girls were taken to a hospital with unknown injuries. Chatman said they both fell at least 20 feet and landed on a hard patch of dirt.

"The little kids were out there screaming," said neighbor Liz Fleming. "My cousin was in her kitchen cooking and she heard, like, blood-curdling screams. She went out on her balcony to see what was going on, where the screams were coming from, and she looked down and the babies were down there."

Portland police said it appeared to be an accident.