Two wanted for felonies holed up in Sherwood building

SHERWOOD, Ore. - At least three people, two of whom are wanted for felonies, are holed up in an industrial building this evening, according to the Sherwood Police Department.

But Sherwood police spokesman Ty Hanlon said because of the risk of confrontation, police are pulling back.

The building is at 14899 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Highway, which is just down the street from the state Department of Environmental Quality vehicle emission's testing center.

"After looking at the situation and weighing what they are wanted for versus the risk of confrontation, we've decided it would be best to try and get them another day," Hanlon said.

Police identified two of the suspects as 26-year-old Daniel Crum Daniel and 43-year-old Heather Lee Amaya.

Police say Daniel is wanted on felony warrants that include eluding officers from the city of Beaverton and Washington County. Amaya is wanted on a drug-related felony warrant.

Police did not identify the third person.