Unlucky duck gets snatched from longtime Duck fan's yard

PORTLAND, Ore. - Bettylou Speight is a University of Oregon grad who shows her support for her team with a ceramic duck in the yard of her Northeast Portland home.

But someone stole her mascot. She thinks it was nabbed in the middle of the night.

"I really think it was a prank by some young person who wanted to play some kind of trick on somebody or have a party and either celebrate the duck or make fun of the duck," she says.

For years the duck's worn different outfits, depending on the time of the year: Rose Bowl, Easter and the Fourth of July are some examples.

"Since I was a U of O fan, it started out with a duck motif, and then just graduated to doing all the holidays and special days," Speight says.

"Beau," as she calls him, has been a fixture in the neighborhood.

"Well, a lot of people like him, and they've come by and said they're very upset that he's missing," Speight says.

So she has put up a sign as a plea to get him back, hopefully in time for this weekend's game.

The sign reads: "Will the person who took my duck PLEASE bring him home? We all miss him!"

Until Speight gets him back, the box with all his outfits will sit.

"If I wake up one morning and he's there, whoa, that's great. That's why I put the sign out," she says.

Speight is particularly upset because "Beau" the duck was last seen in red before the Stanford game. Red is also the school color of the Utah Utes, who will play Oregon this weekend.

So, she says he needs an outfit change back to his official "duck supporter" gear.