Valentine's Day reservations: 'Be specific so you're not disappointed'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Have you made your Valentine's Day reservation?

The rush to book a table is already underway.

The Heathman restaurant and bar in Downtown Portland is already about 75 percent full.

"We have to staff up for it because the tables will turn so much faster," said manager Randy Noia, who's worked for years in the restaurant industry.

Noia says rule number one is also the most obvious: Call in your reservation now.

"They're calling a week out, a couple days out, and hoping to get reservations."

Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year. Most restaurants offer specials through the weekend. If you must celebrate on the 14th, Noia says be flexible with your time.

"You've got 60 reservations coming in for a 15 minute window," he said. "You can hurt yourself."

Next, think about what kind of table you want. They already know it's a party of two.

"Whether it be a window, table or a booth," Noia said. "Be really specific so you're not disappointed."

It's more common than ever for women to call and make Valentine's Day reservations. So ladies, if you have the night planned out in your head, but your boyfriend or husband is procrastinating instead of making the call, go ahead and pick up the phone.

Noia says if you can't get that perfect reservation, call back -- every day if you have to. It's common for people to cancel their reservations, and in many cases they plan on it.

"A lot of people will make multiple reservations in different places and last minute they'll call in and say 'we're gonna cancel this, we've decided on somewhere else.'"