Watch out Lake Oswego, there's an owl on the prowl

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. - A woman who went out for a jog said she was attacked by an owl in a wooded area in Lake Oswego.

Jen Davis said the owl came at her from behind and grabbed her ponytail while she was on the Old River Road trail. The incident happened on Wednesday.

"My head just came down and I'm like 'what the heck is going on?' " she said. "But I turned and nothing was there. And then this bird comes flying out. I saw how big it was when he flew over my head."

Davis tried chucking some sticks at the owl while it was up in a tree, but the bird didn't leave. She said the owl just kept swooping down at her over and over again.

A couple walking by helped Davis out by using their umbrella to shield her. The group ran into another jogger who also had a run-in with the owl about 20 minutes earlier.

Based on Davis' description, the owl was likely a barred owl, which as a wingspan of about four feet or so. Park officials told us this kind of behavior from an owl is pretty unusual, although they can get aggressive if they feel threatened.

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