Where's my mail? Man says post office won't deliver

PORTLAND, Ore. - Keith Saunders hasn't gotten any mail delivered to his home for two months and is now beyond angry at the U.S. Postal Service.

He says it refuses to deliver to his home.

According to the post office, his mailbox is the problem.

But Saunders doesn't see it that way.

At first glance, everything looks right. The black mailbox says "U.S. Mail" and is certified.

After 13 years living in the same Southeast Portland home, he says a new mail carrier came along. Saunders says the carrier is a stickler for the rules and has cut him off since November.

Saunders says the new carrier didn't like an overgrown bush that's been removed and then it was an unstable mailbox. He says it's been one thing after another and he's been fighting for two months to get his mail delivered to his home.

"I cut back the bush. B, it is stable enough to where you can put the mail in and, C, according to the postal worker my neighbor's (tree) branch, which extends further out than my bush ever did - their mail is not interrupted," Saunders said.

KATU went to the post office where Saunders says he's tried talking to supervisors. No one was there who was able to answer questions but directed a reporter to a supervisor at the Park Rose post office, who was at lunch.

KATU left messages but has not heard back.

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