Will the man who owns these slippers please come forward?

LONGVIEW, Wash. - Some call it a small town Cinderella story - a mystery man walks out of a Longview business without his slippers and now the business owner is taking extra steps to reunite a customer with his shoes.

The mystery man wasn't actually wearing the slippers, he just left them hanging at the Red Rooster Bakery. And when he came back for them, owner Lee Starr hadn't told anybody she had found them, so the rest of the staff sent the man away slipperless.

"He was unhappy that he didn't get his slippers and I felt bad," Starr said. She stakes her reputation on the food she and her family serve, and on their honesty. It's that second part that worried her after she found the slippers hanging on a chair.

"I put them in the office, then I got busy and I forgot," she said. "So the kids didn't know they were there and when he came back in checking for his slippers, nobody knew about them because I wasn't there."

It may be just a cheap pair of slippers, but Starr is doing what she can to get them back to the guy. A letter to the local paper is what caught our attention.

The guy has pretty big feet - maybe size 13 or 14. And before anyone gets a wise idea, Starr doesn't want a bunch of people coming in looking to get a free pair of slippers - just the guy who owns them.