Witnesses help police nab driver suspected in hit-run of cyclist

KELSO, Wash. - After seeing a car and a bike collide and a bicyclist in trouble over the weekend, plenty of people sprang into action not to save a life but to catch up with a suspected hit-and-run driver.

Ryan Klinger thinks his bike is far worse off than he. He says at least his sore ankle will heal, but he'll have to get another bike after both he and it were trapped under a car.

"I'm lucky, actually, that my leg wasn't broken," he said.

Klinger was trying to get across one of the busiest intersections in Kelso - Allen Street and Fourth Avenue - Saturday afternoon.

He admits he wasn't paying attention and the accident was his fault when he pulled out in front of a car and the car ended up on top of him.

"She was like, 'Oh My God.' She had to get back in the car to back up off my foot," Klinger said. "I took my bike out from underneath the car, hobbled to the sidewalk, threw my bike down, and she was gone."

Police spoke to more than half a dozen witnesses who all said Klinger was a crazy cyclist.

One of the witnesses followed the driver, pulled up beside her and told her to go back to the scene. When she didn't do that another witness followed her until sheriff's deputies could catch up with her.

"That lady just drove off without a care," Klinger said. "And these people were kind enough to help me when they could have just gone on with their day. So, I'm thankful."

Police charged Crystal Hobson with hit-and-run.

Klinger says he doesn't really want to see her punished, but he's hoping her insurance will pay for a new bike.