Black Friday

It's that time of year again when folks line up at retailers to get the greatest and latest items for the least amount of money.

Black Friday happens once a year and it falls on the day right after Thanksgiving, and hundreds wake up early to flock to their favorites stores for an opportunity to get in on some good deals.

"A couple of years ago I could probably narrow it down to four or five things, but there is just so many great things happening in the store as far as deals are concerned -- from T V 's, notebooks, e-readers, ipods, ipads, just you name it," said Sean Medina, Best Buy General Manager.

For one first timer, the nine hour long wait in front of the store is worth it for the sake of his pocketbook.

"I'm in college now and waking up early is just one cold, but easy way of getting some good Christmas gifts for lower prices," said Matthew Niegos, Black Friday shopper.

There are even some enthusiasts who are pros that come well prepared to brave the cold and long lines.

"We had a full set-up. We had a generator in the back of a truck with a power cord going to a computer and some speakers, and then we had a cocoa machine -- we had a good time," said Michael Mrosko, Black Friday shopper.

For Cindy McKeever Black Friday is also an opportunity to spend some quality time with her family.

"They live in Borger and I don't get to see them much and this time means the world to me," said McKeever, Black Friday shopper.

All together Black Friday stores passing on good deals is another way for words.

"This is just a great way for retailers all over to show appreciation for the customers," said Medina.

Medina also says they'll have about 165 employees throughout the course of the day to handle the 900 customers that will rush through the doors every hour.

He also says that even though they have limited quantities on door buster deals , there are a lot of deals not advertised so keep your eyes peeled open while you shop around.