There will be dancing at the Odd Fellows Hall in Bandon this Saturday. Maarten will be providing music plus a beginner lesson in Lindy Hop connection, technique and rhythm (yes, there will be patterns too). This lesson is intended for those who want to take their swing dancing to the more advanced styles beyond East Coast Swing.

Lesson runs from 7:00 to 8:00 followed by open dance until 10:30. Suggested donation $3 per person.

Also, a couple hall business-related things;

1. We need someone who is available to replace the closet door in the kitchen. I have a blank on hold at Hennicks down the road - just need someone who has the equipment and knows how to make the cuts for the doorknob and whatnot. You can reach Maarten at (541) 217-0679.

2. If you left any belongings mentioned in the lost and found, please pick them up Saturday.

3. Last, but not least! If you plan on attending the entire jazz festival weekend, you can get a slight discount on the weekend pass if you order before March 1st: Student passes are only $15 for the whole weekend.