Resources from Providence to help you get fit

Apps for Better Health and Fitness

The digital world offers an abundance of health and diet management applications, from website programs that track your exercise to smart phone apps that translate food photos into calorie counts. Check out these sites recommended by a health expert.

Advice for Athletes of All Ages, All Abilities

You get shin splints when you run. Your back hurts after bicycling. You've recovered from a heart attack and now you're afraid to exercise. Providence Sports Care Center can assess your injuries, your athletic techniques and your causes of pain to help get you back in action.

Health and Wellness Classes

Providence Health & Services offers a variety of classes - many for free - on topics including weight management, nutrition, stress reduction and fun ways to exercise. Check out what's offered right now.

Healthy 'n Fit for Children

Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children offers Healthy 'n Fit, a pediatric weight management program for kids 8 to 15 years old who are overweight or obese. Through Healthy 'n Fit, children as well as their families learn how to develop healthy lifestyle habits that can be sustained over time.

Get the Skinny on Fat

Not all fats in the food you eat are bad, but some fats are definitely worse than others. Learn how to identify "good" fats and "bad" fats in your diet.

Tips for Healthy Food Choices

What are the best foods for your body - and especially your heart health - and what are the worst? Here are some guidelines for eating right.

How to Go from the Couch to a 5k

You're committed to getting fit, but you've been a virtual couch potato for most of your adult life - does that sound familiar? In a matter of weeks, you can build endurance and become a runner, with the Providence Heart to Start Challenge. Check out the training program.

Free Guide to Heart-healthy Living

Free recipes, free tips - all in one handy guide. Find out where to pick up your free copy of the Northwest Guide to Heart-healthy Living

Natural Healing

Your health and fitness can benefit from traditional as well as what some call alternative therapies. From Tai Chi to acupuncture to vitamins and massage therapy, Providence Integrative Medicine Program offers advice for using evidence-based complementary treatments to help your overall sense of well-being and improve your health.