Everyday Heroes: Have wheels, will help

Karen Bouffard can always count on her friend Dave Sabin for a ride.

Karen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years ago and had to stop driving. But she still had to find a way to get to her doctor.

“I can’t tell you the anxiety that you have when you can’t drive yourself and you have to start calling people and knowing you’re imposing on them,” Karen said.

But, after numerous carpool trips to the doctor and to church, Dave hasn’t said no to Karen yet.

And the free rides he gives are just the first of Dave’s many good deeds.

“I just feel there’s a lot of people out there in need of help,” Dave told KATU.

Dave, 72, also volunteers at his church, making and delivering food baskets every weekend.

You’ll also find him up at the V.A. Hospital sitting with dying veterans in need of company.

And every Christmas you’ll catch him at the Ronald McDonald House, decorating the place and delivering presents to kids and their families.

“I have the time, I still have the energy, so I try to bring a smile to someone else’s face,” Dave said.

Dave retired about 10 years ago and has been trying to keep busy since. Like Karen, he’s also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

His advice to those on the cusp of retiring: “Don’t sit in the rocking chair and do nothing. Because life is so short as it is. You need to stay active.”

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