Everyday Heroes: Master plumber saves the day (a lot)

Jennie Logsdon-Martin had a big, wet problem with her water heater.

“On Christmas Day, the leak that was very tiny became very large,” Jennie said.

She couldn’t afford a plumber, so Jennie and her son David sought help at the local Home Depot.

Right away, she was told to go see Cliff Johnston, the store’s resident master plumber.

“He had ten people lined up behind him trying to wait to get his expert advice,” Jennie said.

But despite the daunting task before him, Jennie said Cliff kept his cool, giving her and everyone else there a level of customer service she never expected.

“I was so scared because I had no clue what I was doing -- and he was so good to me,” Jennie said.

She added that Cliff was kind and patient, and really took the time to give her his expert advice on how to fix that leaky water heater.

Jennie’s far from the only one coming to Cliff in a pinch. Store Operations Manager Derick Ellingson said Cliff has a devoted fan base.

“People will wait to talk to Cliff,” Derick said. “They will come in to see if Cliff’s here and if he’s not they’ll say, I’ll come back later, when’s he in next?”

He added that Cliff inspires the kind of loyalty you don’t get to see much anymore.

“He’s got loyal customers that come in to see him and only him,” Derick said.

Cliff, by his own admission, tends to help people with more than just the problem at hand, sometimes showing people what it takes to re-plumb their whole house.

But is he doing anything special? Jennie sure thinks so, but Cliff’s a little more modest.

“It’s just part of customer service,” Cliff said. “And it just kind of comes up in me that if I see if you need help, I’ll help you.”

With Cliff’s advice, Jennie and David were able to quickly fix their water heater.

Now she has a message for her master plumber hero: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re awesome. Just awesome. Better than Santa Claus. It was the best present I got to be able to fix that.”

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