Everyday Heroes: More love from Laundry Love

Jackie James, the manager at Laundry Love Vancouver, shows KATU's Ian Parker the damage after a car crashed into their building.

The folks who own and run Laundry Love Vancouver are reeling after a car slammed into their business early Sunday morning.

Clark County deputies say a 16-year-old driver in a Dodge Charger spun out in Laundry Love’s parking lot and crashed, after being pursued by a deputy who spotted the Charger moving erratically and without headlights.

KATU featured Laundry Love’s owners, Amy and Jason Snyder, as our Everyday Heroes two years ago for their efforts to provide free laundry services to community members in need.

Now Jason and Amy are worried for their customers.

“That’s kind of our main concern right now,” Jason said. “People really rely on this place in this neighborhood. A lot of people have transportation issues, disability issues and this is the only place in walking distance.”

Jason said the building is still structurally sound, but it’s impossible to do laundry in there with all the damage.

Laundry Love’s manager, Jackie James, is devastated by the damage.

“[Laundry Love] is my life,” she said. “It’s my passion.”

But like the Snyders, Jackie is more worried about the people who rely on Laundry Love.

“What are my people going to do now? Where are they going to go?” she said.

Jackie added that she’s been camped in an RV outside the building since the crash happened.

“I’m here in that motor home so that nobody can come in and hurt us, and nobody can get hurt,” she said.

Perhaps most telling of the compassion that Jackie, Jason and Amy have is how they feel about the 16-year-old deputies say destroyed their business: They want to help him.

“I was hoping he could kind of learn from this and take some positive steps forward in his life,” Jason told KATU. “That’s why it’s called Laundry Love, not because we really love to do laundry, but because we love people.”

The Snyders are waiting to hear from their insurance company before they decide what to do next, but they definitely want to keep Laundry Love Vancouver going.

They said that may involve repairing their current building, or constructing a new one.

Jason said they may end up reaching out to the community for help. If you’d like to lend them a hand, click here to get to their Facebook page.

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