Commit 2 Be Fit success story: Woman loses nearly 90 pounds

PORTLAND, Ore. - Katie Kahr says she's healthier and losing weight with the help of KATU's Commit 2 Be Fit TV segments and Facebook posts.

The mother of two was bedridden and severely depressed one year ago. She says she felt helpless and did not know where to begin on her own.

"The pain of just walking anywhere was just unbearable - I couldn't do it anymore," Kahr said.

Then she caught a report on KATU News and started following Commit 2 Be Fit Facebook posts.

"I felt maybe I could be a part of something bigger because you can't do it alone and you can be part of something," Kahr said.

Kahr has lost more than 87 pounds in the past year since starting a fitness plan inspired by KATU News and she is sharing her story in hopes that it inspires others to live a healthy lifestyle.

"Take care of yourself is the most important part. You can't do it for anybody else. If you commit yourself all will be good," Kahr said.