Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared!
Do you know what to do in the case of an emergency or natural disaster? During National Preparedness Month in September, the Family Matters partners and the American Red Cross remind you to be prepared.

Prepare, plan and stay informed
The steps for preparedness are simple - but you have to do them before an emergency strikes. The Oregon chapters of the American Red Cross offer tips for being ready. Also check out the Federal Emergency Management Agency's "Ready" site for more ways to be prepared.

Earthquakes - a whole lotta shakin' going on
The Northwest has a high susceptibility to earthquakes, and in the event of a major temblor, you should know what to do. Here's some good advice to follow before and after an earthquake strikes.

Tsunami - the big wave
Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning "harbor wave" but these killer walls of water can destroy wide swaths of coastland. For the west coast of the U.S., tsunami is a very real threat. Whether you live at the beach or even just visit, follow these steps to be prepared.

Terrorist Threats
Biological or chemical threats? Cyber attacks? Bombs? Throughout human history, there have been many threats to the security of nations. Learn what actions to include in your family disaster plan to prepare for and respond to terrorist threats.

Build an emergency kit
The American Red Cross makes it easy to put together supplies for an emergency kit. Check out their online store for emergency supply items.

In the case of a medical emergency
In the middle of a medical crisis, it's often difficult to think clearly and make good decisions. The best time to plan what to do - just in case - is now.

Shock means that your body is shutting down, which is a life-threatening condition. Causes include illness, injury and bleeding, but sometimes even seemingly mild causes can lead to shock. Here's what to do for shock.

Emotional health issues after a disaster
Disasters can cause significant emotional distress, even long after the emergency has passed. Here's advice to help you cope.

Get an "A" in emergency preparedness class
The Red Cross offers classes to help your family or your business to be prepared for the unexpected. Sign up here.

Pet preparedness in an emergency
Don't forget your furry, feathered and just-like-family pets! Before an emergency happens, have a plan that includes what to do for your pets.