Hold the meat - at least on Mondays

PORTLAND, Ore. - Hold the meat - at least for one day a week.

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center has joined the growing ranks of Meatless Monday, an international effort to encourage the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

"There's huge ties to cancer, colon cancer, things like that," said Providence chef David McCampbell. "So eating fresh fruits and vegetables turns your body toward the right direction."

The goal is to improve the health of both people and the planet.

One study found that if Americans stopped eating meat one day a week, the carbon savings would be the same as taking 19 million cars off the road for a year.

Marie Osmunson is doing her part, both at home and at the store. She's the founder of Chez Marie, a line of meatless patties inspired by a family populated by both meat lovers and vegetarians.

"Growing up, I wouldn't have even known what a vegetarian was," she said.

Campbell said he likes prepping for Meatless Mondays - and even offered some of his favorite recipes.

"If you can make really flavorful colorful food people don't miss having a big steak," he said.