How healthy is Portland? See what folks had to say

Are you ready to make a commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle?

KATU knows that family matters and we want you and your family to make a change this year. So we're asking you to Commit 2 Be Fit as part of our new campaign to get our community active and eating better.

To get started, we asked some Portlanders a series of questions about their health and habits in a couple of SurveyUSA polls (follow the links for complete results): Poll #1 | Poll #2

Quick peek at some of the results

Do you consider yourself healthy?

Be honest ... how often do you eat fruits and vegetables?

How often do you eat at fast food restaurants?

Have you recently started or plan to start an exercise program?

How concerned are you that you'll develop an obesity-related health issue?

Are you currently on a diet or plan to diet in the near future?

How serious a problem do you think childhood obesity is in our area?