October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

More women today are surviving breast cancer, thanks to advances in the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Here are resources for making the fight against breast cancer easier.

Free Cancer Talk on October 24th

Providence Cancer Center invites you to a free breast cancer talk on October 24th. Providence physicians, nurses and social workers will talk about causes, prevention treatment options and what to expect when a diagnosis is made.

Breast Cancer Outreach Program

The Breast Cancer Outreach Program at Providence Cancer Center provides women and their families with support services free of charge. Attend a support group, connect with a survivor who's been there and who knows the ropes - a variety of services are available to help you in your breast cancer journey. Learn more here.

Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention

Providence Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program helps patients assess their individual cancer risk and outlines steps patients can take to reduce personal risk and detect cancer as early as possible. Get more details here.

Genetic Testing and Counseling for Cancer

Providence Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program provides genetic counseling and genetic testing. Click here for information.

Watch an AM Northwest segment on genetic testing.

Breast Conserving Surgery

Breast conserving surgery, followed by radiation treatment is now the preferred method of treatment for many women with early stage breast cancer. Learn more about the options.

Providence Cancer Center Clinical Trials

Cancer clinical trials test new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer or symptoms related to cancer and its treatment. Get details about breast cancer clinical trials currently being offered.

Get Inspired

She's a young wife and mother, fighting breast cancer with a team of supporters behind her. Read more about this inspiring story.

Tell Us Your Story

Hope begins here. At Providence Cancer Center, we're committed to bringing hope to those whose lives are touched by cancer. Everyone has a reason for hope. What's yours? Share your story here.

Mammograms: What's Right For You?

How young? How old? How often? Mammogram guidelines can be confusing. Read Providence Cancer Center's recommendations.

Breast Health Services

Providence Breast Centers offer comprehensive access to state-of-the-art mammography and diagnostic imaging techniques to ensure accurate and timely diagnoses. Click here for locations.

Schedule Your Mammogram Today

Here's an easy online tool for scheduling your mammogram.

Cancer Care with Compassion

Ground-breaking research. World-class physicians. State-of-the-art treatments. Built on a foundation of excellence, it's not just the kind of care that sets Providence Cancer Center apart - it's how they care, for you. Learn more about the community-based services available to you in your cancer journey.

Pink Glove Dance Sensation

With more than 13 million views on YouTube, the uplifting Pink Glove Dance originated at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center to raise breast cancer awareness. Watch the video here.