Kids Doing Good Stuff: Bella Martin raises money for water filters in Haiti

Bella Martin, 9, appears on KATU News Wednesday to talk about the things she's done to help children in Haiti. (KATU Photo)

Bella Martin, 9, has made a tremendous impact globally.

She raised $1,600 to provide water filters in Haiti so children there would have clean water.

Bella said she wanted to help people after Hurricane Matthew and started a Kidstarter project.

“For my birthday party, I decided instead of presents, I should get money so that the kids in Haiti can have clothes, because clothes are really important to them because they only have two pairs,” she said.

She then visited Haiti in December and got to see all the kids in the orphanage who she had helped.

The money she raised for the water filters helped over 20 families get access to clean water.

Watch her segment on KATU News on Wednesday by clicking on the video above.

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