Kids Doing Good Stuff: Giving a voice to people being bullied

From left to right: Lauren Draves, Nina Skeele, Lily Mullin and Diego Melger Aquilar. (KATU Photo)

Too many kids have experienced bullying.

Nationally, one quarter of students reported being bullied.

At Forest Grove High School, 80 percent of students claim they’ve experienced bullying at some point.

Forest Grove students want it to stop.

Four students, Nina Skeele, Lauren Draves, Diego Melger Aquilar and Lily Mullin, are part of Unified Performers. They joined Deb Knapp in the KATU studios Wednesday.

Unified Performers is a theater group that allows anyone who auditions to participate.

“Each (play) tackles a topic on bullying – such as being a foreigner, such as being called names, and all these different topics that would involve bullying,” said Melger Aquilar, a senior at Forest Grove High School.

This week the group is performing a show called “Marked.” It is April 20 and 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Ellen Stephens Auditorium.

Watch the segment by clicking above.

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