Kids Doing Good Stuff: High school with a heart

Quinn Van Horne (right) and his team worked hard at Wilson High School to help homeless children. (KATU Photo)

The holidays are long gone, but in December we had a chance to visit with some high school students who are showing the world that their high school has a heart.

Wilson High School students worked hard both on campus and off to brighten the lives of kids who live in poverty or have parents who are in jail.

The goal of the schoolwide effort – now in its 23rd year – is not only brighten the lives of those who received a candy cane treat, but 100 percent of the dollars raised brought smiles to hundreds of children at a different school, the Community Transitional School.

“I think the number one thing we can do is spread the love that we have,” said Quinn Van Horne, who is part of the leadership group at Wilson. “Wilson is a fantastic school and we love each other, and it’s great to use that love and spread it out into the neighboring community. And although these kids are so much overlooked, we want to make sure they know somebody cares about them.”

Van Horne’s team worked hard for this.

“It’s so much fun to be able to take what we have in the school and give that to the community,” he said.

There are more than 3,000 homeless children who are part of the Community Transitional School in Northeast Portland. And the effort at Wilson High will help with socks, hats, gas money for school buses, a visit with Santa, and a gift.

“Being able to meet so many of these kids is so fantastic, and it’s changed my life in how I look at different people, just to know, no matter what, you can really help put a smile on someone’s face regardless of the situation,” said Van Horne.

He and his classmates won’t stop working toward their goal as they show the world they are ready, willing and eager to help others.

“Kids care,” Van Horne said. “We really care about what’s going on and want to make an impact on the world, and we’re just finding ways to use the love in our hearts to spread that into the world around us.”

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