Kids Doing Good Stuff: Muslims Student Alliance

From left to right: Amira Jeylani, Sumaya Mohomed, Balkhissa Noor and Faisal Osman. (KATU Photo)

With the uncertainty, conflict and debate over immigration and religion, a group of students at Madison High School is working to celebrate multiculturalism on campus.

Faisal Osman, Amira Jeylani, Balkhissa Noor and Sumaya Mohomed joined KATU’s Lincoln Graves in the studio Wednesday afternoon. They are with the Muslims Student Alliance.

The group is in alliance with other groups of students from a variety of ethnic groups, cultures and races.

“It’s really about promoting multiculturalism, diversity and seeing each other as humans and respecting our differences,” said Osman.

Click on the video above to watch the segment.

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