Kids Doing Good Stuff: Raising money for Make-A-Wish

Students at a sports marketing class at Beaverton High School have been raising money for Make-A-Wish Oregon for more than a decade. (KATU Photo)

Over the past 13 years, students from Beaverton High School have raised more than $200,000 for children who have life-threatening conditions.

A sports marketing class at the school teaches kids how to network with businesses. But the kids are networking for a greater cause. For more than a decade, students in the class have raised money for Make-A-Wish Oregon. And over the years, they’ve raised a lot of money.

“We’ve been doing this event for 13 years. If we raise what we want to this year, we will surpass $200,000 in money raised for Make-A-Wish,” said Cole Johanson, a senior.

Beaverton High School recently celebrated its Week of Wishes that culminated with its annual Jam the Dam basketball game.

Johanson is the starting point guard, who also takes the sports marketing class. But he brings a unique perspective and knows the power of Make-A-Wish.

“In fourth-grade, I was diagnosed with lymphoma, a rare aggressive form of cancer, and I was lucky enough to survive my cancer,” he said.

His wish was to meet his basketball hero, Chris Paul.

“It’s really a great organization, a nonprofit that helps these kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses, who really go through dark times. It’s kind of a light at the end of the tunnel to be able to wish to go meet someone or go to Disneyland. Or do just some awesome things,” Johanson said.

Beaverton High School students’ efforts of raising $200,000 over 13 years equals nearly 40 wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses.

“We couldn’t grant the wishes without the support and generosity of the community,” said Tracey Lam, with Make-A-Wish. “The students are part of the community, and to be honest, they’re doing more than just making a difference in lives of kids, they are our future leaders and they’re role models.”

The kids understand the value of their work.

“It really does help them out, just to have something to look forward to,” said junior Anna Lorati. “It’s really exciting to work for something that special and to raise money for such a great cause.”

They surpassed their goal this year and are well on their way to raising $20,000 for just this year.

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