Kids Doing Good Stuff: Teen empowers girls with feminine hygiene kits

Ashley Jacobs describes the feminine hygiene kits she's put together to give to girls in Third World countries. (KATU Photo)

Ashley Jacobs is taking on a topic many people are too embarrassed to even mention. But in the process she’s empowering girls in Third World countries about their changing bodies and periods.

She took on a global mission for her high school senior project. She teamed up with the program called Days for Girls to give girls access to feminine hygiene.

“Whenever the girls get their mensies, they will miss school for up to 100 days total a year, because they can’t go to school if they don’t have underwear or the tools that they need.”

She created 250 kits and distributed them to a village in Fiji.

“A couple pairs of underwear, and then we have multiple sizes and different colors, and then you have your pads and your liners,” she says, describing the kits. “And then it comes with washcloths and soap, and then another zip lock bag.”

She says the girls she met became more empowered with knowledge after getting a kit.

“In Third World countries it’s taboo to even talk about what the girls’ bodies go through. And so, me going to these schools and talking to them about these kits and talking to them about their bodies, they looked at me and they are kind of amazed,” Jacobs says. “I just hope that they can be proud of who they are. They don’t have to hide anything. They don’t have to hide their bodies. And that these little bags, although their mensies is what they call it there, is a very personal thing, that these bags can kind of help hide that for them. And they can kind of take this around wherever they need to go.”

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