Kids Doing Good Stuff: The Paying It Forward store

Twins Angela and Johnathon Austin work to make sure everything is organized at the Paying It Forward store in donated space inside a Southeast Portland church. (KATU Photo)

Twins Johnathon and Angela Austin have been raised to pay it forward.

Their father set up a Paying It Forward store inside space donated by a church in Southeast Portland.

For a year the 12-year-olds have served others by collecting, sorting and setting up the store with clothes, shoes, toiletries and even pet food to help people who need it.

They also work hard doing fundraisers like car washes, cutting grass and spaghetti feeds to raise money for the Paying It Forward store.

“Every week or every other week, we do at least something for the Pay It Forward store,” said Johnathon.

The nonprofit allows people to shop for free. And the only request is that shoppers pay it forward when they’re able to.

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