Kids Doing Good Stuff: Trips for Our Veterans

Emma Holum (left) and Julia Brassel are this week's Kids Doing Good Stuff. (KATU Photo)

Two teenage girls from North Marion High School are working to help veterans.

Sophomores Emma Holum and Julia Brassel help veterans go to places they’ve always dreamed to visit but haven’t yet had the chance.

“What made us choose veterans is we feel that veterans don’t get recognized enough, and we feel that they’ve done so much, like they’ve put their lives on the line to allow us to live the way that we have and the way that we can live,” Holum said.

The two are working to get sponsors. So far Engelman Electric in Hubbard, Oregon is on board.

To decide who they’ll award a trip to, the girls will form a panel consisting of themselves, two community members and two people from American Legion.

Click above to watch their segment.

To find out more information or help out, visit:

Trip for Our Veterans

GoFundMe: Trip for Our Veterans

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