Kids Doing Good Stuff: Turning crafts into gifts for children

Cora Marbrey shows KATU's Natali Marmion a mug she made. (KATU Photo)

A soft spoken 6-year-old worked hard this year to create crafts with the goal of making the holiday season brighter for other kids.

Cora Marbrey, a first-grader, worked for months on making all kinds of colorful ornaments.

For three seasons now, Cora’s Snowflake Village has set up shop in her family’s living room. This little girl brings to life “sugar and spice and everything nice.”

“These (ornaments) are basically made out of cinnamon and applesauce, and these are vanilla sugar coconut oil,” Cora said.

From start to finish, Cora makes each item herself. The magic she brings to the holiday season comes when she turns crafts into cash and then into toys. It’s all to be given to kids who are part of The Children’s Center in Vancouver.

“Mom asked me, ‘Would you like to do a sale shop for kids?’ And I said, ‘yeah,’” Cora said. “Then she helped me think about something I should give, and she said toys. And I said, yeah, that would be cool to give toys to kids.”

Through her skin care products, gift tags and mugs, Cora believes it’s important for kids to help other kids.

“I’m thinking about if I didn’t have toys I wouldn’t like it, so this is why I’m giving other children toys,” she said. “It’s a time when each of us should at least have one thing.”

Now she has one wish for the generous shoppers who buy her crafts: “That they’ll appreciate and like the thinks that I make.”

Cora raised more than $1,000 and was able to buy dozens of gifts for kids who are part of The Children’s Center.

She said she plans to do it again next year.

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