Kids Doing Good Stuff: Youth group building tiny homes for homeless

Members of the St. Luke Lutheran Church youth group in Southwest Portland work to build a tiny home for the homeless. (KATU Photo)

The youth group at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Southwest Portland is preparing for a mission trip to help the homeless in Las Vegas. But before they go their focus is on helping the homeless here.

On one recent sunny afternoon, the teens held hammers in hand to build friendships and a tiny home.

“Some of these students had never held a hammer before, never nailed a nail, and now they’re building a house” said Scott Willis, who is supervising the kids’ work.

The tiny home is for the homeless.

“Take a hit at the problem of homelessness. It’s heartwarming to know we are actually helping people,” said youth group member Parker Brocer Knapp.

The lessons the kids are learning are great.

“Part of it is teaching the students in high school some construction skills, how to put things together, how to design things, but also how to serve the people in need in our community. And so this is a very tangible way to have a sense of pride, but also a sense of being able to serve others,” Willis said.

And the group is able to see the product of their hard work.

“It’s really fulfilling, almost, knowing that people are going to be living in this place that we built, and where they weren’t originally living in a house under a roof,” said youth group member Annika Phillips.

Perhaps it’s planting the seed now for a lifetime of service.

“This is one of the first times that I’ve ever done a project like this, and it is really fun,” Brocer Knapp said. “I never thought that doing something that would impact the community this much would be as fun as it is. I’m so excited to do it as many times that I can in the future.”

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