Parent 2 Parent: Talking about money with your kids

When is the best time to talk with your kids about money? Now.

Look at these numbers from one online source: 42 percent of parents 'think' they talk with their kids about money. Only 19 percent of kids agree, their parents encourage them to talk about money.

At least one financial planner recommends, as soon as your child starts talking about money himself - which could be as early as age two or three, start answering, at an age appropriate level.

It's never too early to learn that money doesn't grow on trees or come from a hole in the wall.

It is harder, in today's world - with so many of us using credit cards... kids never really see cash exchanging hands, and get a feel for what things cost.

Two markers to look for, kids should have a good understanding of money by fourth grade.

They should be able to compare the price of an item at different stores.

Also, give your kids, or let them earn some kind of steady money. No matter how small.

The regularity of having it and spending it will teach them how to manage it, even if it's buying a pack of gum, or their entire back to school wardrobe.

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