Sinclair Cares: Ensuring safety of second-hand toys

Recalled Lexibook bath seat.png

Your child's health could be at risk this holiday season if you're purchasing used or second-hand toys.

They may be cheaper and a little more accessible for parents with a tight budget, but they come with many risks.

"Epecially with boys, they're always getting into trouble and can make it unsafe if they want to, but we always check for safety," Michael Declerque said.

Mary Wygal, co-owner of Baby and Me consignment store, says she checks every single toy before putting it on her store's shelves.

"I see recall items every day on Craigslist. I see them every day when I'm out at other consignment stores," Wygal said. "I gotta research, and if I can't find the information on it, I won't take it."

When you're shopping for used toys, you can easily do the same thing yourself.

In a search engine on your phone, just type in the manufacturer's name, the model number and type in "recall." The results can save you and your family.

You can also check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's website for the latest toy recalls.

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