A "" for runners wins Portland Startup Weekend

      The six hopefuls who formed LivFly won among 100 attendees.

      Here's how Portland Startup Weekend worked:

      • 47 people pitched ideas
      • Teams formed around the best 11 ideas
      • After hours of work, the 11 potential companies presented their ideas and winners were chosen

      While LivFly walked away with the gold, two other teams took home honors:

      Best Execution and Best Customer Validation: Freezepup - They make and sell frozen treats via bicycle cart that you can share with your dog.

      Best Business Opportunity: Wijly: Wijly is internet connectivity for your widget. For example, imagine being able to control a light in your house by visiting a website. They had a working demo showing exactly that during their presentation.

      The event may be over, but these teams are clearly just beginning the race to big business.