Fun stuff near you? There's an app for that...

For instance, an arcade bar in the Old Town area of Portland, Ground Kontrol, offered a dollar in coins with a drink purchase on Thursday night. And at the nearby Penny's Diner, you could get a free breakfast sandwich earlier on Thursday.

But if you're at home, nowhere near the business, no worries: You won't get alerts on your phone, as you can only opt to receive updates from places you like.

The co-founder, Rick Sheinin, said it's a purpose of the app not to annoy you.

"If you want to connect to a business, you can connect to a business, but they're not going to follow you home," Sheinin said. "They're not going to spam you. You're only connected to that business when you're there."

For patrons, the app is free. Businesses pay a one-time fee of $30. They can use it as much or as little as they want.