Vizcards offer new way to be more visible online

"The lines between your professional and personal identity online are blurring. For instance, our research with hiring managers told us that their biggest pain point was finding a cultural fit," said Arwa Jumkawala, Vizify's director of marketing. "Our vizcard prompts are designed to address that; they showcase your achievements, but also your interests, and quirks."

So what are vizcards, exactly?

I've posted a slideshow that does most of the explaining. Jumkawala explains them as "bite-sized infographics about you, created from prompts." You can use them to enhance your Vizify profile or post to other social media sites.

The new vizcards are available starting today - at the same time Vizify is coming out of beta. That means no invite is needed to create a profile. Check out mine here, then tweet or Facebook me with a vizcard!