Mayoral candidate Deborah Harris says no one's listening to Portlanders

Portland mayoral candidate Deborah Harris speaks to KATU during a recent interview. Click above to watch it. (KATU Photo)

Mayoral candidate Deborah Harris believes most people living in Portland feel their concerns are not being heard.

Harris has lived in Portland more than 25 years and has a master's degree from Portland State University in public administration.

She plans to listen to Portlanders and says economic development is the No. 1 issue here - whether that's housing, transportation, infrastructure or jobs.

Harris says there are millions of dollars sitting in a bank account all the while the city says it doesn't have revenue to tackle issues.

"I'm very concerned about the finances. From listening to different independent audits, there are so many funds coming to the city that we cannot track," she told KATU in an interview. "Every year the states get $250 million for economic development to allocate. Where does it go? Is anyone tracking it? Is the proportion that's supposed to be going to city of Portland for particular purposes, are we getting it?"

KATU interviewed several of the other mayoral candidates.

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