Schor's plan to solve the housing affordability issue: tax the rich

Portland mayoral candidate David Schor speaks to KATU during an interview. Watch the interview by clicking above. (KATU Photo)

Mayoral candidate David Schor is an assistant attorney general for the Oregon Department of Justice in the civil enforcement division.

He's also a snowboarder and musician.

Schor believes the problems Portland is facing cannot be solved by the "establishment politicians who helped to create them."

He says housing affordability is the No. 1 issue, and the plan he's proposing to solve it includes a tax for the top 1 percent earners in Portland.

"It would raise about $200 million a year, which is what experts have said is necessary for us to actually build our way out of this crisis in our housing," he told KATU in a recent interview. "So on top of the revenue then of course there's the strategy. How do you spend that revenue? What do you spend it on? The biggest parts of that are going to be community-owned housing. So housing that actually belongs to the city of Portland."

KATU and PSU are hosting a mayoral town hall on Monday, May 2. Participating candidates: Sean Davis, Ted Wheeler, Jules Bailey and Sarah Iannarone.

KATU is interviewing several of the other mayoral candidates.

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