Eugene band plays Sundance: 'Our highest profile show ever'

PARK CITY, Utah - Eugene band Hamilton Beach piled in a van and traveled the 800 miles from Eugene, Oregon, to Park City, Utah, to perform at a venue as part of the Sundance Film Festival last weekend.

The band - Nate Asman, Travis Lien, Max Miller and Keith Randel - performed in downtown Park City on Saturday, January 19, at the HP Sundance House.

"It was definitely our highest profile show ever," said Asman.

After performing as a group for a year in Eugene, Hamilton Beach was offered a slot to play music in the film festival.

"I used to work in the music industry back there, and one of my very good sound industry friends asked me if we wanted to play at Sundance this year," said Asman.

Lien, Miller,and Randel had not been to Utah before, but Asman is from Salt Lake City.

"We definitely got at least a few new fans, and we made a lot of friends," said Miller.

Hamilton Beach's performance was the only show on Saturday to hit the venue's capacity.

"We couldn't have asked for a better reception from the crowd there," said Asman. After insisting on an encore, the crowd swarmed the band with high-fives, thank-yous, cameras for photo ops- and business cards.

"We got asked to play back at Sundance, back at Park City, back in Salt Lake - and got asked to play in Texas," said Asman.

Asman originally started Hamilton Beach alone five years ago. He writes the structures of the songs and plays the electronics.

Asman's main instrument is called a monome. "It's kind of the boutique instrument of the electronic music world," said Asman. The custom instrument is a wooden box with 64 buttons.

"It looks extremely simple, but it's actually incredibly versatile and complex," said Asman. He programs, maps and routes data to the monome and plays the instrument live.

"In terms of Eugene, we're going to be hitting up the McDonald Theatre here in the next couple months, WOW Hall again, Country Fair hopefully, Eugene Celebration, and hopefully playing the next week or so for Ted Talks," said Asman.

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