NYC's 'Naked Cowboy' headed out west to Oregon for visit in Portland, Hood River

Robert Burck, who portrays the Naked Cowboy, performs a Trump-themed song in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

PORTLAND, Ore. – The famous New York City street performer “Naked Cowboy” is headed out west to gain some exposure for a new wine named in his honor.

Naked Cowboy (a.k.a. Robert Burck) is famous for hanging out in Times Square in his cowboy hat and briefs, playing guitar and taking photos with tourists.

Now Burck will be taking a cross-country trip of his own to visit the Naked Winery Summerfest in Hood River.

A spokesperson for Naked Winery said they are partnering with Burck to make Naked Cowboy Wines.

Burck will be joining Portland’s own iconic street performer, The Unipiper, at 4 p.m. Thursday for a duet on the Burnside Bridge.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to snap a photo with Naked Cowboy without a trip to NYC!

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