Otis Day gets things 'a little bit louder' at the Dexter Lake Club

DEXTER, Ore. -- To celebrate the one year anniversary of the re-opening of the Dexter Lake Club, singer Otis Day from the comedy Animal House performed hit songs from the film to a sold out audience on Friday night.

"We just figured all we had to do was turn it back to 1977, and she'd just roar to life," said Dexter Lake Club owner Gregg Steward, standing on stage with his band, DLC Roadhouse.

After the band opened up the show with some classic rock favorites, Stewart introduced the opening act: "After 35 years, Otis Day!"

The iconic Otis Day (a character in the film actually played by Dewayne Jessie) parted the crowd, shaking hands and handing out hugs on his way to the stage.

"You don't know how great it feels to be back after 35 years," Day said after taking the stage. "And I'm still alive! That's what's up!"

His set included all the hit songs from Animal House, like "Shama-lama ding-dong" and "Shout," two favorites from the road trip portion of the movie filmed at the Dexter Lake Club in 1977.

"It's insane, it's insane, it's insane," said Day, as he signed autographs for fans who lined up after the concert. "I still feel the vibe even though the same people aren't here. I still feel the vibe."

"The stage used to be over there," added Otis as he pointed to the glowing Animal House neon sign on the adjacent wall.

"I feel good that I'm still alive to be able to do it," said Otis, a high ball glass of whiskey in his left hand. "That's what I feel good about."

Animal House is the fifth largest grossing comedy of all time, and the sold-out performance reinforced the love fans feel for the film.

Otis Day performed Friday night and Saturday afternoon at the Dexter Lake Club. He will perform two more shows, at 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.