Review: "Monsters University" is "Animal House" for kids

Disney/Pixar is back with this new offering that includes a new short before the feature. Let's talk short first, and then get into the feature.

I LOVED "The Blue Umbrella." Simple, understated and yet so much feeling expressed. I sat watching this trying to figure out if it was live action with animation over it, or what. Nope, totally animated. In fact, it's a new type of animation with a lighting technique they're calling "global illumination." See if it fools you, too. If you're a fan of these shorts, or you're taking the kids to see the film, make sure not to miss "The Blue Umbrella." On with the show!

"Monsters University" takes us back to the land of the guys from "Monsters, Inc." Several years before Mike and Sulley wind up at the big "M," they were in college. From the time he's a little eye, Mike decides he wants to be a "scarer." He works really hard in school and gets to Monsters University where he enrolls in the Scare School. Soon Mike meets Sullivan who believes he can just walk right through school because scaring runs in his family. Not so much. The two don't get along, but are forced together by circumstance.

I'm calling "Monsters University" the "Animal House" of Pixar. It's nowhere near as crazy, but this is a kid's movie after all. It's the same idea though, a band of outcasts coming together to persevere. It's also the story of how Mike and Sulley became best friends. So would I recommend it? Yes. Is it an awesome Disney/Pixar film? Yes. Is the animation incredible? Yes! I highly recommend the 3D version as well. Still take the younger kids to an early matinee. "Monsters University" is rated "G."

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