Review: Slapstick meets sexy comedy in 'The Other Woman'

Cameron Diaz is Carly Whitten, a high-powered New York attorney who has it all, including a hot boyfriend (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau), until she discovers by accident that Mr. Perfect has been lying. He's married.

She immediately dumps him, but doesn't realize her connection to him is far from severed. The discovery sends his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann), back to Carly for help. The two women wind up bonding over their hatred of this rotten Romeo. They also begin to hatch a plot to free Kate from the marriage and destroy Mark for his lying, cheating ways in the process. That is until they discover the OTHER woman, Amber (Kate Upton).

Now the three of them team up to exact revenge, but it's the road to that payoff that's paved with slapstick, girl talk and ultimately friendship.

I've already gotten viewer comments asking why we'd promote a movie like this; one that promotes cheating, objectifies women, etc. I'm not necessarily promoting the film. I'm giving my opinion as a critic. It's up to you to use this review as a guideline and decide for yourself if this is a movie you want to see or not.

There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in "The Other Woman" which is kind of like "The First Wives Club" meets "Sex in the City." (Costuming by Patricia Field helps with the latter.)

For once, Cameron Diaz is not the dingbat. She's smart, beautiful and tough. But this is Leslie Mann's movie. She plays ditzy in a loveable way; very "Lucy in the candy factory" at times. Poor Kate Upton is objectified, but plays the dumb blonde as if she really were. Nicki Minaj has only a small role as Carly's assistant Lydia, but the rapper turned actress plays up her few lines with snarky aplomb. And her ever-changing hairstyles, while not nearly as dramatic as some we've seen in reality, are pretty funny.

"The Other Woman" is strictly adult fare. While it's light on the language to get that "PG-13" rating, it's not light on the subject of sex. No kids at this movie, please. I was surprised it didn't get an "R."

I don't see "The Other Woman" as a film that promotes cheating. I see it as a film that promotes girl power. These women are not going to take this treatment from a man, and they let him have it, in a big way. Ultimately they wind up the winners, proving they're smarter than this jerk. And by the way, the script was written by a woman, Melissa Stack.

"The Other Woman" isn't all dumb blonde, but still I'd recommend a matinee. Although you might want to make it a girl's afternoon out instead of going with your guy.

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