Review: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson back in 'The Internship'

Ah here we go with another formulaic comedy. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are paired up again (see: "Wedding Crashers") as the duo at the center of the action.

Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell are a sales team working a client when they find out their company has closed. Jobless and desperate, Billy (Vaughn) hatches a plan to get the two of them into the next big thing wait for it Google! Yes, he devises a plan to get them summer internships at the company. What? That's crazy!

Of course this turns into a more classic "fish out of water" tale, as these two "old pros" are thrown into the water with hundreds of nearly 20-somethings all competing for the same positions.

Since "Wedding Crashers" was so successful, I'm guessing that some Hollywood executive thought the plan would work again. Well, it does, if you like structured, predictable films.

Vaughn and Wilson are the same classic comedy team, fast-talking idea guy and straight man. The other roles could easily be played by anyone, and they have in past similar films. None of the "kids" on their "team" really stand out, and they're all very stereotypical. Some even border on being racially insulting, but they still get laughs. Billy and Nick are the good guys, and there is a villain, with a British accent of course. Because really we know, all villains are better with British accents.

Beyond that, there's romance for one of our "heroes," and redemption for the other. I'll leave you to guess who here. Meanwhile there are plenty of "Star Wars" jokes, gamer speak and even a major "Harry Potter" reference in case you weren't sure this was supposed to be two regular guys in a sea of nerds.

Bottom line, it is one giant commercial for Google, but you already knew that going in, right? I'll admit, I have a weakness for Vince Vaughn multi-liners, and may have to see this again for some classics. There are some laughs, but if you're looking for something more, you won't find much here.

If "The Internship" is on your list of "must-sees" this summer, might I suggest a matinee, or just wait for On Demand. "The Internship" is rated "PG-13."

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