The Wolfpack sobers up in 'The Hangover Part III'

By now you've seen the teaser trailer and are eagerly anticipating the release of the grand finale of "The Hangover" franchise.

Another chain of events kicks this movie off, but this time instead of a wedding, we get a funeral. The somber ceremony becomes the theme as this franchise dies a slow death throughout the rest of the movie.

Alan is out of control, so his family and "The Wolfpack" stage an intervention (another downer). Just as the boys begin driving Alan to rehab in Arizona, they run into trouble outside Vegas and the plot gets more preposterous from there. Preposterous you say? Isn't that what "The Hangover" movie plots are all about? Yes, but this involves a lot of money, Chow, Mexico, Vegas, and John Goodman. Yep, John Goodman.

Chow's out of a Thai prison and has stolen something from John Goodman's character. Goodman knows about The Wolfpack, and "convinces" them to capture Chow and get his possessions back to him by taking a hostage. Hmmm, wonder who it could be?

That leads to the next string of events, a couple of special guest stars (Heather Graham, Melissa McCarthy) and several killings, which are taken pretty lightly I might add. There are some funny moments in the film (see trailer above for most), but generally, this is one sober "Hangover."

The biggest problem with the film? There's NO ACTUAL HANGOVER!! That's right, no black out, no retracing steps, no mystery for the audience to solve along with the characters. There are so many connections in this movie that are unexplained, you leave asking "But how (fill in the blank)?"

This is a straightforward, predictable plot with no real surprises. Melissa McCarthy has maybe 10 minutes of screen time and steals the whole show. That to me screams "PROBLEM!" Apparently not to writer, producer, director Todd Phillips who is obviously wearing too many hats, including a cameo role.

Everything that everyone came to this movie to see isn't in it. The franchise is wrapped up, but not in a way that makes you laugh so hard your soda comes out of your nose and you're talking about it for days afterward. I wanted to see 1 and 2 again. This one? Not at all.

"The Hangover Part III" is just too grown up and sober to be fun. It's rated "R."