500+ complaints now about defunct Forever Young spa

PORTLAND, Ore. - The number of people complaining about Forever Young Laser Medical Spa has exploded.

The spa suddenly shut down operations last month, leaving customers who had paid money up front for services high and dry. Hundreds of people say they paid money to the spa chain for beauty treatments they never received. The Oregon Attorney General's Office has received more than 500 complaints. They launched an investigation six months ago.

Lovie Gupta is one of the customers out money. She called Forever Young Laser Medical Spa on July 29 and said the manager told her she could get a special deal for laser treatments that would start in August. But the manager wanted her to pay right away, in cash. Gupta did pay in cash on July 30. But the very next day, Forever Young shut down and moved out during the night.

Gupta did not realize that Forever Young had disappeared until just last week when she tried to call to confirm an appointment. When she couldn't reach the spa, she went to their location and discovered that they were gone.

"I've been scammed," she said. "Five hundred dollars cash - my hard-earned money. I run a small daycare. I don't have money laying around. I bet you no one does."

We are getting many calls and e-mails from customers who say the company took their money too and now they're asking us what they should do.

The answer is to file a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General's Office and try the Better Business Bureau as well. Folks can also contact their bank or credit card company to see if they can get the money back.