Facebook working again for many after worldwide problems

Did you have problems with Facebook on Monday morning? You're not alone.

There were widespread reports of Facebook outages, though the problem seemed to be getting resolved as the morning wore on.

Though no details were immediately available from Facebook itself, users and news organizations around the world were reporting an inability to post status updates or comment on other posts.

Many people were met with an error message that reads "There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes."

Thankful for the Facebook outage; I won't have to answer stupid questions for a while.

James Spann (@spann) October 21, 2013

Facebook has been down for nearly 15 minutes. Productivity is up 98% worldwide.

Fortitude Magazine (@FortitudeMag) October 21, 2013

Some people get more upset by the fact that #Facebook is down than they would be hearing that the Death Star was on its way.

Death Star PR (@DeathStarPR) October 21, 2013